MW: 127.16
Cas No.:5813-89-8


Product use:Basic raw materials, organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates

The synthetic route is as follows:

hydroxylamine; copper diacetate; water;

Reactants are commercially availlable.
Tetrahedron, vol. 68, 21, (2012), p. 3948 - 3951 General procedure: To a solution of copper(II) acetate (0.04 mmol) in water (1 mL) were added the corresponding aldehyde (3, 2 mmol) and the hydroxylamine (4, 2 mmol). After 2 days stirring at 110 °C the mixture was quenched with a saturate d solution of ammonium chloride (10 mL), or added ether (2 mL) for the recycling process. The mixture was extracted with AcOEt (3.x.10 mL) and washed with brine (10 mL), after drying with anhydrous MgSO4, the organic layer was filtered on C elite and the solvents were removed under low pressure (15-18 Torr). The product was purified recrystallization from chloroform/hexane mixtures to give the corresponding product 2. Amides 2a,262b,272c, 272d,172e,282f,292g,272h,172j,302k,172 l30 and 2m17 are commercially available and were characterized by comparison of their physical and spectroscopic data with those of pure examples. Yields are included in Table 4 (Fig. 1 for recycling processes). Physical and spectroscopic d ata, as well as literature data for known compounds, follow.