Product name:(2S,6R)-2,6-dimethylpiperidin-4-one

MW: 127.18
Cas No.:13200-35-6


Product use:Basic raw materials, organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates

The synthetic route is as follows:

hydrogen; ethanol; 5 palladium over charcoal

Reactants are commercially availlable.
ELAN PHARMACEUTICALS, INC., WO2007/64914, A2, (2007) Synthesis of trans-2,6-dimethylpiperidin-4-one (93). trans-N-Benzyl-2,6-dimethylpiperidin-4-one (91; 7.5 g) was dissolved in EtOH (20 mL) and the catalyst (0.8 g, Pd/C 5percent) was added. The slurry was vigorously stirred and kept under a hydrogen atmosphere (60 psi) for 90 hr. The catalyst was rem oved by filtration through Celite and the filtrate was evaporated at 3 mmHg/40 °C. The residue (ca. 5.2 g) was used without further purification.