Product name:4-Thiazoleacetic acid, ethyl ester

MW: 171.21686
Cas No.:120155-43-3

Appearance: brown liquid


Product use:Basic raw materials, organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates

The synthetic route is as follows:

1,4-dioxane; ethanol;

Reactants are commercially availlable.
University of Pittsburgh, US6310095, B1, (2001) EXAMPLE 162C Ethyl 4-Thiazolylacetate To a solution in absolute ethanol (18 mL) of ethyl 4-bromoacetoacetate (7.0 mL, 10.4 g, 49.7 mmol), prepared as in Example 162B, was added a solution in absolute ethanol/dioxane/toluene of thioformamide (4 g, 65 mmol), prepared as in Example 162A, while the reac tion temperature was maintained below 35°C. using an ice-water bath. The reaction mixture was stirr ed at reflux for 30 minutes, and then was cooled to ambient temperature. The reaction mixture was poured into aqueous 2N HCl (210 mL) and extracted twice with ether. The organic extracts were discard ed and the aqueous phase was taken to ph 7-8 with NaHCO3. The aqueous phase was extracted twice with ether. The ether extracts were dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and concentrated in vacuo to give 4.7 g of a dark oil. The oil was distilled at 20 mm Hg to give ethyl 4-thiazolylacetate (2.5 g, bp 111-122°C.) as light-yellow oil.