MW: 140.23
Cas No.:57184-25-5


Product use:Basic raw materials, organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates

The synthetic route is as follows:

lithium aluminium tetrahydride; tetrahydrofuran;

Reactants are commercially availlable.
Eisai Co., Ltd., EP1508570, A1, (2005) Lithium aluminium hydride (770 mg, 20.3 mmol) was suspended in tetrahydrofuran (150 mL), 1-(cyclopropylcarbonyl)piperazine (1.56 g, 10.1 mmol) was gradually added thereto, and the reaction mixture was heated under reflux for 30 minutes. The reaction mixture was cooled to room temperature, and 0.8 mL of water, 0.8 mL of a 15percent aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide and 2.3 mL of water were seque ntially gradually added thereto. The precipitated insoluble matter was removed by filtration through Celite, and the filtrate was evaporated to give the title compound (1.40g) as a colorless oil. The product was used for the synthesis of (8E,12E,14E)-7-((4-cyclopropylmethylpiperazin-1-yl)carbonyl)oxy-3,6,16,21-tetrahydroxy-6,10,12,16,20-pentamethyl-18,19-epoxytricosa-8,12,14-trien-11-olide (the co mpound of Example 27) without further purification.1H-NMR Spectrum (CDCl3,400MHz) delta(ppm): 0.09-0.15(2H,m), 0.48-0.56(2H,m),0.82-0.93(1H,m),2.25(2H,d,J=7.2Hz) 2.48-2.65(4H,m),2.90-2.99(4H,m).